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The South..

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I wish I could argue that that sort of thing isn't all that connected to the south, but I really can't. It's not unique to the south-- I heard that Oregon is a major hub for white supremacist activity, and there are tons of militias in Maine, Michigan, and Colorado (not to mention the anti-immigrant militias in the southwest). But there is a uniquely southern brand of racism, and I understand.

Is Florida part of the south? Northern Florida is, I bet, but southern Florida is its own weird thing. Do you consider it the south?
ummm i don't think south florida is considered the south, but it's definately weird... I think i should just stay away from places that have really really wide open spaces..and where tipping a cow is considered the highest form of fun.
Oh, and about that essay? Solving racial/ethnic tension through apportioning real estate works SO well in the Middle East, I'm sure that's the way to go.
hey who's fault is it that those crazy palestinians don't know their place?? They just need some good 'ole boy treatment.. that'll put em in line..