Slonik (slonik) wrote,

The life more abundant

Today, I'm happy. I woke up with the memomry of a great dream. I dreamed of sailing the open sea and ma petite chou-chou as the captain...I dreamed of stomping through the rainforest with my beloved booboo leading the way....I dreamed of sharing a luxurious bath with with my cuddle buddy...and last but not least I dreamed of snow flakes tickling my face as i sat cuddled under a blanket with my dear kitten...

How can life be all bad when i have these extraoridinary women in them? Well it can't! Today I realized that I have a lot to be thankful for. So people are dying to find one person to love them and love.. I got four women who seem to adore me. That kinda rocks! So if nothing else I want to enjoy their company and give them all the love they deserve.
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