Slonik (slonik) wrote,

The artist in me.

So of late i've discovered that i may be a sensitive artist. I'm in my second year of photography classes and now i'm starting to get down to the real gist of the thing. Asking the serious questions like what am i trying to convey? What do I feel when i take the photo? How can i be better? It's a great joy to me. So I turned in my first assigment for class - a set of 5 self portraits. I had sooo many ideas but in the end what happened was simplicity. I wanted to convey how i see my self. I largely think that i am invisible in the world and the camera is an instrument, much like my invisibility, to document the goings on in the world. So really i wanted a set of pics to portray me as an instrument...

My class was pretty impressed with the results. I was so happy that i went to heather's house to show her the pics. Her response was less then excited. It was at that moment that i realized a few things... 1. i don't know if i will ever show her work that i really care about again. 2. i need people to be willing to tell me something that i can either use to better my work or something...I think i'm not ready to have people seriously critic my work who have nothing to offer.. My photography is like a newborn child to me. I have to hold it close to me and shield it from the cruelty of the world. I'm sure i'm just being oversensitive but damnit this is a real piece of me that produces joy and there is so little of that going on that i have to protect it.
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