Slonik (slonik) wrote,

The Matrix has me...

I've been in the most ridiculous state lately.. I've been fussy about , work, life, and the fact that we've moved and i have no internet connection. The cable guy comes this Saturday! The move to a new apt was actually not that bad, but i hate change sooo much. The move prompted me to sell my 2 laptops, pcs, and various other tech items. I made enough money to buy a ticket and go vist night101owl! I'm very excited about that. The new matrix movie comes out today, but i can't see it til tomorrow...bummer. Until then here is apparently who i would be if i could have been in the film...

Thomas Anderson
You are Thomas Anderson! You are a Battery!
Your entire life has been spent searching for the
reason to why everything is so screwed up. You
have yet to realize the truth of the spoon or
have your mind expanded beyond itself by
Morpheus and the Oracle. You are soon to
become our savior, but for right now, you're a
nerd looking for something greater than himself
to believe in.

Which Matrix Character are You - This one is better than all the others (Now its Finished!)
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