Slonik (slonik) wrote,

I'm at work, but it's kinda surreal cause it's empty around here...I had a nice weekend at home finally. I was able to get some rest and my partner didn't even get after me to wash the dishes! It was great. I'm definately feeling like i'm on the mend from that crazy cold i had.

I'm worried about my niece.. It's like a growing sense of terror in the back of my mind. My sister has been threating to ship the kid off to live with my father, whom my niece doesn't know at all... Tracy feels like this won't qualify as abandonment..I called my dad and told him that i would take doiran back if it came down to it...She's lived with me for 2yrs, so she knows me. The real trouble is, i don't want to be a parent right now...But it's not dorian's fault that her mom is losing it.
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