Slonik (slonik) wrote,

Earthsea Anger

As a little black girl child in the South, who would grow up to be a butch black lesbian, i had many misadventures.  I endured my share of racism and hate by others.  One way I would escape was to read books.  I particularly loved Sci fi  and Fantasy books.  As a young teen I ran across the Earthsea series.  I loved the story and i loved that the characters were dark like me...Imagine a world of magic were people of color were the main characters!  How wonderful.  Recently, I discovered that the sci fi channel was making the books into a tv show.  I started to worry.  Afterall, I did witness the actual slaughtering of the Dune Books... Frank Herbert had to be rolling over in his grave.  So deciding that i wouldn't freak out yet, i visited the website to see what the casting was like.  Oh my fucking god!  They are all WHITE!! There is only one person of color!  I couldn't believe it.  So i looked for the Faqs page cause surely they must not be making a show based on the real earthsea books...but sadly they are... in fact this is what the director had to say about changing the race of the entire people of earthsea:


How closely will the movie follow the books?
I've done a lot of productions based on books, and I always try to be true and honest to the source. I think that the scope and spirit of her work is represented closely and fans of the books are not going to be disappointed. These books have been around a long time, so it would be a shame to change them.


One of the more interesting things Le Guin does in the Earthsea series is play with race, casting the whites as barbarian. It's mentioned in the books many times that Ged and the Gontish people are dark-skinned, and Le Guin, in several interviews, has also said this is the case. Why then make Ged blond and pale-skinned?

Earthsea, the miniseries, was cast completely colorblind, as any of my productions have been. We searched for the right actors for the roles and brought in diversity to the cast as a result. There was no decision to make Ged blond and pale-skinned. Shawn Ashmore is a terrific rising star and the perfect choice for the character. Most people have the image of him from X2, in which he played Iceman. Ged is a completely different look for him.

Feel free to witness the horror yourself..

I can't even really put words to my anger about the whole thing.


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