Slonik (slonik) wrote,

Friends and Acquaintances..

Of late i've been thinking about the state of my friendships. It makes me a bit sad. When I was a kid, little slonik had a high opinion of herself and of her upcoming adult life. She would have lots of friends and they'd live together or in the same neighborhood and ride bikes and hang out everyday. We'd have fun jobs like swinging on swings or driving bulldozers..yes i was butch even then :) The thing is i believed that my friends would be my family.

Well things haven't turned out that way and truth be told i hope i never meet my inner child cause she'd kick my ass! I have failed her miserably..

I have deep meaningful relationships with people half way across the country but can't seem to get face time with many of my so called local friends. Is it just me or is it harder to make authentic friendships as an adult? I wanna hang out and be a goofball and laugh. Does there always have to be an agenda or an hour block of time that we have to fit polite chit-chat in?

I guess maybe i just hate the way things have to be fast and fake instead of slow and real...
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