Slonik (slonik) wrote,

Animal Rescue!

So last nite i got home at 8:30 and there was a small drama unfolding... The kid ran to greet me and tell me about the lost baby bird in the stairwell. I, of course have no idea what she's talking about til my partner gets her to calm dowm. Then S. tells me that it's a very small bird stuck in the stair way to the garage. After a little more probing i discover that no one has actually done anything and the poor thing is still down there...So I resolve to rescue it, if it's possible. I shred some newspaper, but it in a box and we go sown to find it. It's just a baby. It must have fallen out of the next. I finally get it in the box and take it upstairs. We put it in the bathtub with the box. This morning i have to find some place that handles things like this. The kid thinks she won't ever have to take a bath again cause the bird is in the tub...
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