Slonik (slonik) wrote,

Back in the saddle... Again

SO it's only been about five million years since i wrote in this thing. I've had so much going on in my life that i could barely live throught it, let alone write about it. I don't even know how to condense the information...

I sold my house, relinquished custody of my 5yr old niece to my sister and found the perfect girlfriend(to go along with the perfect wife i already have)

I moved to Oakland and I live by the Lake, which is absolutely wonderful. Then things got hard again. My girlfriend(I'll call her A) got a professorship in New York and had to move away. But because we were sooo into each other we decided to have a long distance relationship. I'm currently on the verge of a nervous breakdown cause i miss her so much. I saw her this weekend and I was like a kid on Xmas day.... then it ended. I won't see her again until September sometime, when i go see her. Sonya (my partner) has been so great about me losing it. The benefits of Polyamory never end!
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