Slonik (slonik) wrote,

the autobot and the night owl

So last night I was at heather's house and she was wearing a really cool retro transformer's tshirt.
I said, "wow, that's a really cool shirt!"

She said, " yes i know. i bought it for you."

"Really!?" I say.

"Yes. the only thing is that if you want to take it home tonight you have to take it off my body..."

I was like, um is that a challenge or some sort of come on... She just smiled. Needless to say i'm wearing the transformer tshirt today.

My relationship with heather is pretty complicated. She wants to be my girlfriend but i can't commit to that. Amy is my girlfriend. She's amazing and i can't even give that title to anyone else. The best i can do for heather is to let her be my cuddle buddy...

So as of now, I have a life partner, a girlfriend, and a cuddle buddy. Technically i could die if i tried to be in relationship with anyone else...

But that's not all. I'm currently on a quest to lay my past girlfriend demons to rest. I'm going to take a trip across the country seeing all the girls i've ever loved culminating in seeing the girl that i could have married if i'd only stayed in VA longer. She was my kitten. If every i've felt true and lasting love for someone, it has to be her. I feel completely cheated that she's married now and inaccessible to me. I would give anything to be able to tell her how i feel and hold her again. But such is life. It is full of the roads that you didn't take....
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